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Electric Repairing Services

Electric Repair Or Installation


Our technical experts repair every electric issue in Dubai at reasonable prices. We have the reputation of excellence and timely completion of projects.

Electric repairing or maintenance of your home seems a small task to be done but in reality it is risky.We offer complete maintenance either it is a small task or circuit issue.We provide complete services of changing wires, replacing lights, or fixing wall sockets or chandelier lights and many more. Either it includes changing or installation of modular switches.

Our well known company offers long lasting control panel boards.These panels are manufactured by raw materials which areĀ  economical for clients. Our professionals can completely repair and install power control panels for commercial and residential areas.We also offer complete light fitting services with variety in it for commercial and domestic customers.

Are you looking for home upgradation needs than fix now is a versatile company that gives all your needs solutions. When an Electric circuit is not working properly then you are unable to enjoy cooling or heating systems, using appliances and unable to use any system in your home.For that you can rely on fix now services as we are affordable,fast and efficient.

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